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The Jovian Dilemma

By John L. Flynn, Ph.D.

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The Jovian Dilemma (April 2006) is Galactic Book's first published novel. Life on the planet Jupiter? Former Senator Mitchell Ryan had always been told the violent, storm-tossed, impenetrable world was devoid of life. He had dismissed the rumors of a strange life form living in the energy rich atmosphere as mere fantasy. In a solar system gone mad with civil war, the last thing he needed was an unknown factor to complicate his mission to supply critical energy resources to Earth and its fracturing colonial empire. But when the vain, self-serving politician actually takes command of the embattled space station, Ryan begins to learn the unsettling truth about his new assignment. And he soon discovers the Jovians are the least of his worries. Confronted with several mysterious deaths, sabotage and similar acts of terrorism - possibly perpetrated by wealthy industrialists, shady political operatives, or others who seek to profit from the current crisis - Ryan faces a dilemma that will change his life and determine the fate of the solar system forever. Does he safeguard the energy resources needed to save a dying Earth, or protect one of the most important discoveries of all time: the secret to the origin of the universe? The Jovian Dilemma is story-telling of the highest order, featuring perpetual surprise...a sense of wonder...and breathless suspense. With equal parts of a political thriller and a first contact story, the author weaves a tale of suspense and awe that will keep you guessing until the final page. Available now! Click "Buy Now" button to obtain an eBook version.

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